Shephers has always characterize Sardinia. On an island with a strong identity pastors have continued their work while in the rest of Italy families that run farms depopulated or made their way for larger industrial farms.
Sardinian shepherds have a simple life, made of daily repeated gestures with great devotion and humility, a life close to nature, which follows the rhythms of the sun and the animals' needs.

The role of women in society today is quite different from the evolution of Sardinian women,especially in small villages. They still often live in the shadow of the man, so in the management of pastoral life, the general rule is that the man wants to take care of cattle and land, while the woman takes care of the house.
But as the exception proves the rule I found families with strong and determined women that lead small farms.

Caterina and Maria-Francesca are the daughters of Piero, a shepherd of Dorgali, always bringing up a flock of a hundred sheep and twenty goats, to preserve his family. Then Piero got sick and for him starts a long struggle for long periods in hospital and then he returns home with an oxygen tank which he must be attached to 20 hours a day. The daily management of the farm became very complicated and he took the difficult decision to sell the little farm. At that time the two daughters were studying at the University of Sassari and they decided to take care of the family business in spite of all discourage them. It had never been seen in Dorgali that a girl was doing this job, it is a job for men.
Now the girls are happy and proud of their choice but admit that it is a very hard job and they do a lot of physical labor. I can attest that the management style of the is very feminine. Extreme cleanliness everywhere, sweetness and motherly care of the animals.

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