This project tells the story of the days following the robbery from which I was the victim.
Confused days, chaotic and full of strong feelings, a violent turning point lasted for a few moments when two men armed with knives have changed the perspective of my stay in Thailand.
As I was making a documentary on the social role of Muay Thai, in a flash I found myself without identity, without camera gear, with absolutely no money: my project was stolen with a knife before coming to light.
Nobody ever talk about it, but theft is a silent taboo feared by all photographers.
Mixed feelings invaded me and made me reflect on my profession, its risks and the unbreakable bond with the camera.
The theft of my equipment was synonymous of great sacrifice to regain my freedom of expression.
I assisted to strong scenes in company of the police of Ayutthaya and the only tool at my disposal were pen and paper.
The project begins from this frustrating feeling of helplessness I felt in not being able to tell this vortex of life in which I sunk.
Any kind of camera would have helped me to overcome this misfortune, I found one and that's how it went ...

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