We live in a Liquid Society: jobs crisis, breakdown of the political society and symptoms of Italy being increasingly old and decadent.
 Social relations are getting weaker, unstable and insecure in a society that lives in the daily grind of speed, habits, boredom and obligations to fulfill. 
“Everything is going wrong” can you hear saying. In reality, the “Bel Paese” and his beautiful Italian people are still looking for sociability, tranquility and time to devote to themselves. 
It's simply called Free Time: sometimes we don't remember it anymore and maybe if we have some we risk to use it in the wrong way or not ending to be satisfied, but when it goes well and we manage to make it really ours, endless moments come up together with intense memories and then we feel truly happy.
 What do you do during your free time, the moment in which you express yourself in the most personal and intimate way?
 Sunday is its emblem, the day that most symbolizes relax and total freedom of choice in the activities in which the time-budget, our only true wealth, can be expressed in all its aspects. 
I entered the private life of people and caught them during their Sunday activities: some are linked to the family sphere, others are relaxing, international or even spiritual, but they all speak about Italians and their habits. Still so tied to the past and the traditions even if marked by the rapid changes of our society. 
We cross a cozy bedroom and a train, shopping centers and gardens, passing near a kiosk and crossing a Church.
 What I really see is a glimpse of life and hope ...
This project is still under construction so feel free to write me if you feel that you have something to express.

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